June 1, 2008

They Even Spelled My Name Right

We've had a lot going on lately. Becoming Youtube partners. Gearing up for the move to L.A. Abe dying. So I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to get my feet back on the ground...you know, see what the kids on the street are saying.

And lo and behold, no sooner do I start trawling the vasty nets than I reel in this little gem. Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the march. I don't know who these guys are, but they are clearly on a street of some kind, dressed as if they know what's groovy these days, and are by their own admission paying tribute to yours truly.

mike swaim tribute

The lip sync may be off, it may only be nineteen seconds long, and I may not fully understand why they use two people to recreate a monologue while a third person watches, but by God I'll take it!

Because at the end of the day, these guys get me, in a way no one else ever has or ever will (Lara, you can find my engagement ring on the night table on what used to be my side of the bed).

ADDENDUM: Someone just left me a hideous death/rape threat on the Cracked blog, so I think that balances out this touching tribute. I'm officially just a regular guy again.


  1. wait a second.. You made your lady friend buy you an engagement ring?

    That's gangsta !!!!

  2. Made her? Bitch begged to. I said sure, but it better have rubies.

    And it did.

  3. Congratulations on your ruby bling. Way to be a playa and leave that nonsense behind. You're a big boy now, you've got youtube videos. Go out and be somebody!


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