June 24, 2008

Adam West vs. Batman

It's the ultimate psychological showdown between a man and the fictional character that has dominated his life. Watch as Mayor Adam West denounces his own alter-ego, all for your twisted amusement. Read! And would it make you feel better if I asked you to BatDigg it?

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  1. Look,Adam West Needs To get A Life!!
    Yes,The Original Batman Series was Light Hearted and Fun,But that Was Forty Years ago!!
    What Has He done Since Then Aside From The Voiceovers on"Family Guy"and"The Simpsons"??
    Really,Not Much!!
    Yes,The Latest Variations Are Darkier and Moodier,Then Again,That's The Way He Was Created!!
    As Long as He Invested His Money from the Old Batman Series wisely,He won't Wind Up Like Poor Ol'Ed McMahon;Bankrupt and Badly Injured At 85!!
    "More Cowbell!!".


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