June 18, 2008

Help Muskets Sell Out!

Many of you will probably be shocked and enraged to learn that the Muskets! do NOT in fact receive subsidies from the government for their wonderful work. Thanks, George. So, like so many before us, we've been forced to sell ad space on our bodies to the highest bidder. But, while we were doing that, we also entered a contest for Oreo cookies that might get us featured on the Youtube Home Page!

We've already made it to the Finals, now all YOU have to do is vote for our video by visiting the Oreo Youtube channel, finding our video in the randomizer, and giving us a thumbs up! And hey, while you're on your way, give a thumbs down to the stinkers (read: every video that doesn't feature us). You can do it once a day per computer, so it's literally exactly the same deal as the Sketchies contest from a while back. Except this time it's Oreos; delicious Oreos. Yum.

We'll be nice and embed the video here too in case you just want to watch it and not vote to help us win the chance at reaching a whole new subscriber base. But...why wouldn't you?


  1. So how many Oreo cookies did you have to eat when filming this? Are you now fully sick of Oreos and ready to move on to other packaged cookie products?

    The Oreo wedding ring is a fantastic idea. If I ever propose again, it'll be with an Oreo cookie.

  2. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was only for the shoot- but OREO sent us a whole case (12 bags) of oreo cookies to our house for deciding to enter!!! Needless to say, by the time shoot day came around I wasn't even finishing the cookies that I was eating in the video. As soon as Abe said "cut" I spit them up!!

    I'm never eating OREO cookies again!!

  3. i had like 3 bags in 7 days. i still like oreos. i must be badass.

  4. Got my vote. Of course it helps that yours is the best video on there by a long shot.

    I read the contest rules though, is the "Grand Prize" REALLY just the chance to have your video posted on their Youtube account for a WHOLE day? Wow. I'm hoping I missed the part where they promise you 15 busty virgins and an enormous inflatable pool filled with milk.

  5. And some douchey "we love the troops" (READ: NOT TROUPES) skit won?

    Fucking pandering.

    PS. We're still not facebook friends and I still hate you, Swaim.

  6. You guys LOST??!? AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!! Ahem. Tough break, gang.

  7. If you watch the winner of this competition closely, I'm pretty sure that little Mexican girl pick pockets the soldier right before she gives him that Oreo


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