August 31, 2008

Clear and Present Danger

In today's climate of political frenzy and media fear mongering, it can be far too easy to fall prey to irrational worries and the suffocating grip of paranoia. And it’s that healthy mistrust that keeps terrorists from raping your children in their beds and sending your flaming pets leaping into your arms like frenzied Kamikaze pilots. And they’d do it too.

The animals, I mean. Learn about the insidious animal threat over at Cracked via my new article, and then Digg it, for added safety.

August 30, 2008

Muskets! Interview For The Mustang Daily!

Mike's Brother David, AKA "Chops" AKA "David Choplinski," got us hooked up with a sweet interview for the Mustang Daily, Cal Poly's school paper. That's us in the Arts section, prettying up the place. Give it a read, and learn general things about the troupe that you probably already knew!

August 26, 2008

We Didn't Not Fail To Win!

Great. Thanks a whole lot, you jerks. Due to your rabid anti-votes, we lost the Youtube Oreo Moments Contest by a landslide. I guess you guys must really hate us. You know what? Nuts to this. We're stopping the videos. No more videos. The site's kaput. I hope you're happy.


I'm sorry. I--I don't know what I'm saying. We could never stay mad at you. Besides, it's perfectly understandable. We got beat, fair and square. The better video won, and that's all there is to it.

So...we cool? I mean, we're still going to the Radiohead show on Wednesday, right? 'Cause I totally bought you one of those ass cushions, on account of I know how sore your ass gets. Right baby?


August 20, 2008


I finally gave in to my natural tendencies and wrote an entire Cracked article about feces. Thought I'd link you, in case you wanted to read it at lunchtime. And if you, over time, come to appreciate the historical and educational merit of such a piece, I might trouble you for a Digg as well, Suh.

August 18, 2008

And That Concludes The Lesson For The Day

For the purposes of this announcement, please imagine that when I say "College Professor," I mean an elder sage, clad in a knit sweater with leather elbow patches and contemplatively puffing on a fine oaken pipe at regular intervals.

So guess what? College Professor Abe Gruber, of the illustrious College and Surf Camp Hawai'i Pacific University, is going to be using Internet Party as part of a lecture on how college students utilize the Internet!

We tried to get him to use one of our many videos of us landing crotch first on the rim of our trampoline, as we felt these more accurately represented the creative Internet climate, but he politely declined after a particularly deliberate puff on his fine oaken pipe.

We started this site last year hoping to make our friends laugh, and now we're being taught to classes at HPU and, presumably, Harvard. Pretty cool.

August 7, 2008

I Hope You're Sitting In A Kiddie Pool

Because otherwise your loved ones are going to have some clean-up to do after my latest article blows your mind halfway across the room. Behold, quantum physics in all of its fanciful, incomprehensible glory. Don't forget to drop me a Digg!

August 4, 2008

Muskets Interview on Veoh!

Check it out! While vanity googling, Abe stumbled upon an interview we did for Veoh a couple months ago. As you can tell from the outfits, we filmed it while shooting Star Trek Rap, and at the time there was much confusion about whether they would air it or not. In the end, it seems they aired the interview after all, if not the vid. So feel free to check out an already-outdated interview with us here (we're at around 15:40).
2009 Those Aren't Muskets!