August 18, 2008

And That Concludes The Lesson For The Day

For the purposes of this announcement, please imagine that when I say "College Professor," I mean an elder sage, clad in a knit sweater with leather elbow patches and contemplatively puffing on a fine oaken pipe at regular intervals.

So guess what? College Professor Abe Gruber, of the illustrious College and Surf Camp Hawai'i Pacific University, is going to be using Internet Party as part of a lecture on how college students utilize the Internet!

We tried to get him to use one of our many videos of us landing crotch first on the rim of our trampoline, as we felt these more accurately represented the creative Internet climate, but he politely declined after a particularly deliberate puff on his fine oaken pipe.

We started this site last year hoping to make our friends laugh, and now we're being taught to classes at HPU and, presumably, Harvard. Pretty cool.


  1. A Hawaiian University professor, wow! Actually, that's probably a bad assumption on my part - a professor at a Hawaiian University is probably more accurate. With a name like Abe Gruber (which, honestly, almost sounds made-up) he may not be native Hawaiian.

    There are so many possible crappy comments that could be made about a professor and Hawaii that may or may not involve Gilligan's Island, coconuts and the like, but I'll just leave it at, "congratulations!"

  2. Bam! UC San Diego may only have a lack of sports, dissatisfied bored socially bitchy students, and a lot of expensive houses blocking it from the ocean to make it cool, now it has you guys!

    Internet fame that's less than 7 clicks from time wasting Digg perusing makes me have so much more pride in my school.


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