September 21, 2009

S.W.A.I.M., Episode 21

Finally, the Cracked TV episode that's old enough to drink. I'm telling you, this Cracked TV episode is going out with some friends tonight and getting absolutely wrecked. Enjoy it now, because in a few hours it's going to be hurling into some bushes outside a Coco's like it doesn't KNOW what.

September 8, 2009

S.W.A.I.M., Episode 20

When this episode was eight minutes long, it stuck a lot more to the premise of the title. But it was slow, boring, and not as funny. Here's hoping you want humor out of your comedy rather than titular accuracy (which, knowing the Internet, is not necessarily the case).

September 1, 2009

Our Michael Ian Black Interview

Recently, Cracked got the opportunity to do a phone interview with Michael Ian Black, and rather than just talk to him or do anything the easy way or in a fashion that would make sense to him, they decided to have Dan O'Brien, Abe and I put together a sketch on our end, then edit his interview answers in. Results to follow.

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