May 28, 2008

All Your Tubes Are Belong To Us

The disembodied voice of TAM! here, with news on the business front. Seems we impressed the bigwigs over at video mega-monstrosity Youtube enough to get them to stop snapping their suspenders with their thumbs (it's what moguls do) and pick up a gold-plated phone. Long story short, we are now the proud owners of a Youtube Partnership and some snazzy complimentary suspenders. A shame, since no one in the troupe wears pants.

As to the partnership though, it basically means we get to put wicked graphics on our Youtube channel and our video pages and...dun dun DUN...we get actual, real money based on how many views the videos rack up. So if you've been putting off sending your friends that link to Sleeves or finally subscribing to our channel, there's never been a better time (for us, that is).

And remember: every click is money in our pockets, so you should probably code some sort of applet that just reloads our videos all day and night.


  1. I shall begin my clicking immediately, O wonderful disembodied voice of TAM!

  2. Sweet. Now my F5-Pressing robot now has a use!!

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