May 5, 2008

S.M.I.C. III (Live Sketch Comedy)!

Long ago (check this blog's voluminous backlog for more details) I cut my teeth on the mean streets of live sketch comedy performance. And that street had a name. And that name was S.M.I.C.

Which is to say a bunch of Muskets!-approved and -involved folks are putting on the third iteration of an awesome sketch/improv comedy review here in San Diego at the Lyceum Theater this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm with a special show Friday at 11 (for the cool kids).

The team (most all of whom you'll recognize from being pants-shittingly hilarious in our vids) will present a selection of sketches, musical comedy, and improv guaranteed to rock your face out of this hemisphere.

This is the biggest show S.M.I.C. has put on so far, and at the coolest venue, so if you're in the San Diego area, definitely check it out. Tickets are only 5 dollars pre-sale and 10 at the door, available at the San Diego Rep box office (619) 544-1000. Make it happen!


  1. If by San Diego you mean somewhere in Eastern Canada, I'm there!


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