May 5, 2008

Folk Music for the Digital Age

My uncle, Andrew Calhoun, has finally put some of his music online, and there's no way I can let that kind of joy go un-shared. He's a folk singer/songwriter, record label owner, and general badass. We had the privilege of hosting him for a house concert and he's gone and uploaded the results.

I've embedded some of my favorite songs of his, but he's got a ton of varied songs (Irish ballads, slave songs, spirituals, folk) and is an incredible guitarist. If you like this stuff, be sure to check out his record label, Waterbug records. They've got a big stable of talented artists (right now I like Jonathan Byrd, Anais Mitchell and Michael Troy).

Enjoy some aural pleasure, ducklings.

Other favorites: Peach Song, Long Legged Lover, Recall, I Love You All the Time, Fred's Family, Farewell Butterfly.


  1. I heard Abe play at said concert. Where's that footage?

  2. andrew is worth a blog post. my attempts at being a musician: not yet bloggable.


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