October 12, 2007

TAM! Blog, I've Been Unfaithful

It's sad but true. I have needs, TAM! Blog, needs that you can't fulfill. Like being paid for posting. Mmmm, sweet sweet cheddar. That's right; CRACKED are actually giving me cash money to write about inane shit, just like I do here, only with more celebrity news mixed in. If that sounds like just your cup of tea, then I probably wouldn't like you if we met in person. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't race to your computer (which you are already presumably at) to check me out over at the all new redesigned CRACKED Blog. As a little taste, here's the vid I uploaded today for my first official entry. Enjoy!


  1. Love the Sutherland short, however, your video promised earlier in your TAM blog has yet to be delivered. I grow tired of waiting . . . I demand a sacrifice.

  2. Get over the loss, TAM! fans. Swaim belongs to Cracked, now, and we do not share.
    Nope, not even on weekends.


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