June 5, 2007

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I am proud to unveil the MQ's official line of magazines, each handcrafted by the thoughtful and caring staff of your favorite campus satire paper, the Muir Quarterly. Our 'zines are primed to flood retailers everywhere very soon, so beat the rush and subscribe today! If you wish to subscribe to a title, simply email me all the money you have on you. Expect delivery at some point in the future.

A "CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE" NOTE: I didn't make all of these; not by a long shot. Mainly the first one, and a portion of the next four. The rest was done by the fabulous staff of my beloved MQ, specifically Anastassia Bendebury (Playing God), Ryan Kloos (Unpopular Mechanics and Obscured Pornography), John Miller (Embarrasing Medical Problems), Joe Kelly (Fancy Cat), and Ray Robles (Ray). Props also to Drew Stark, MQ's Content Editor, and the entire staff, all of whom contributed to the cover content.

Check out our newest issue (if you happen to be on UC-San Diego campus anytime soon) for more magazines and a bunch of other stuff.

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