April 16, 2008

Thanks to You, Chops' Long Journey is Nearly at an End

ZOMG, you guys. A huge thank you to all who supported Chops in the Sketchies contest; the outpouring of support from our fans, friends and family was tremendous, and no matter what happens when they announce the winners on the 18th, we are in your debt. We say that now, because if it turns out we didn't win, the spite we're going to feel for you lazy fuckers will know no bounds.

To all those who endured a steady stream of TAM!-spam: the downpour is over. And hey, at least it rhymes, right? That's cute.

To all those who genuinely enjoyed the sketch and didn't just vote because we asked you to: as the front page reiterates, we are working on an extended cut of Chops (including a steamy hot tub scene!) that should be up on the site in the coming weeks. If you're sufficiently recovered from his first onslaught, be sure to look for that.

That's all for now. We return to our regularly scheduled sketches, and bask in the warm glow of your unconditional love.

Thanks again!

ADDENDUM: For the record, we officially got fourth place in the contest...not too shabby! We only lost out to Waverly Films (who are mega-huge and make videos for Fatboy Slim, Death Cab, and more), POYKPAC (also huge, at least on Youtube) and three hot teen girls singing about something or other.


  1. in my opinion id say you've nailed it, your sketch was amazing, but theres alot of dicks in the world that cant appreciate something that good.

    cant w8 for the hot tub scene! :P

    keep it up( not that you really needed to be told that :))

  2. Swaim, you have to be a little less obvious when you're trying to kiss your own ass. I could see it was you from a mile away.

    Alright Abe your up next. Use the title Dr. James Westfield, and try typing with an english accent. Try to mask it a little better than Mike.

  3. So, dont leave us hanging... Its the 18th, did "Chops" win?

  4. alright, since I havent heard anything from TAM!, I looked up the results myself.

    Sorry TAM!, That's a bummer. I personally feel your video was better than any of those ones and should have won. Keep up the good work. I bet those other guys cant say they have had millions of video views like "Internet party" or "Clitter" has had. Your comedy style and video production was much better than the competition.

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  6. I didn't vote for your video, despite it being the best, as I couldn't work out how to vote. Serves you right for having such retarded fans.


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