April 14, 2008

Local Troop Makes Local Paper

In case some of you still get your news from ink on pulped trees (you barbarians you), check out the "Arts" section of today's issue of the San Digeo Union-Tribune for a few choice pics and some kind words about your friends the Muskets! We managed to finagle a feature in the hopes that it'd help us in the Sketchies competition (have you voted today?), and I think it came out pretty awesome, despite its glaring omission of the names of many Muskets regulars. Hopefully our next feature we can get the whole troop together for a giant barbecue or orgy or something; then they'll HAVE to list everyone.

Oh, and for those who live in the 21st Century, here's a link to the digitized article.

Addendum: Apparently, "Internet Party" was also in a newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio today. Don't ask me how I found that out.


  1. Making the U/T is like scoring the cover of Parade magazine. Who gives shit?

    On a side note, I have no idea what those hot ladies are doing with you guys.

    Well done TAM !!

  2. on a side note, how can you afford to live in a La Jolla apartment? You get paid way to much for this gig..

  3. There are four of us, and only the one bedroom, which helps cut costs...and pump the SIZZLE.

  4. Dear penthouse forum.....

    You'll never believe what I just walked into....

  5. where's san digeo? diggy-o. sounds like a fun place to live!

  6. its about 2 hours south of A.L.

    and about 30 min north of America's toilet, Mexico.

  7. Damn it with the typos! Well, I won't change it, because I don't want to invalidate your comment.



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