April 28, 2008

Muskets Fanart Contest Winners!

The first annual Muskets! fan art contest is closed, and the winners have been decided!

Below, behold the glory of the First Place entry, straight from Kadaver's scanner to your eyeballs! Click the thumb for an even bigger example of why we (and the artist) are so incredibly awesome!

Congratulations friend, the intense power of your collage has earned you a free Busted Tee of your choice, and a lifetime subscription to the official TAM! Newsletter!

Also, you now have the inherent right to look down on the contest's runners-up; we suggest you exercise it. Here they are, so you know who you're better than.

And don't worry runners up, you're still better than everyone else who entered, and WAY better than the billions of people who didn't!

Thanks to all who entered! When we get another free T-shirt, we'll let you know!


  1. I cant draw, but I would buy a t-shirt with "Shut up Trina, I hate you" on it. You need to add that to the TAM! store.

  2. I just got my shirt yesterday. Its fantastic :3


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