February 10, 2008

A Valentines Day Love-Letter

Dear Hot Lady Mythbuster,

You might not know who I am, but I know you. Almost every weekend, with the exception of during Shark Week, I sit down to the inevitable all day marathon of you. While Jamie and Adam bust the real myths, the ones that require the most mathematical skill and construction experience, you dig in and battle in the crappy myth trenches.

Every week you check the Mythbusters email account, scouring the inbox for the perfect myth that will bring you into the big leagues of mythbusting. I see the truth behind your dyed bangs in your watery puppy-dog eyes. You know Jamie and Adam don’t have any plans to let you on for one of the A-team myths. As long as you are cooped up under those mustachioed madmen, you will forever be a Junior Mythbuster. While Adam and the stoically bereted Jamie calculate how many bullets they can pump into their latest concoction of human flesh-like gelatin, you, Asian Mytbuster, and Sk8er Boi Mythbuster fold paper airplanes and index what Coca-Cola can and cannot erode.

I am sure you were one of many out of work actresses/model building enthusiasts who tried out for this unappreciated role. Let’s face it, you were hired for your sex appeal, and I barely get to see you. I don’t pay for cable to see two balding techies bicker about Kelvin versus Celsius. Don’t let these semi-entertaining, math formula-wielding tyrants impede on your career anymore.

So this Valentines Day, I offer you the most romantic thing a boy like me could conjure up: social action. The writers’ strike may be over, but there are still some just causes to fight for. So join me, Kari Byron, the Hot Mythbuster. Hand in sexy hand we will prove that all Mythbusters are created equally and deserve equal airtime, especially if they are super hot.

Brett Rader

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