February 6, 2008

G4 Canada Has Excellent Taste as Well

Our storming of all things G4 continues!

At the request of our Northern cousins, we pre-recorded a short interview (below) about TAM! to be featured on their show Torrent. We also recorded a "throw" (even more below) that'll run occasionally during commercial breaks. How cool is that?

The sad part is we won't see the interview since we don't know anyone in Canada. If YOU are Canadian and feel like mailing or emailing us a tape of the show, we'd be in love with you. Just sayin'.

In the meantime, you can peep all that shit right nows without no TV or nuthin'. Enjoy!


  1. Being a Casnadian, I feel as though I have let you down. I'm probably the only person you've ever encountered who has admitted to being a Casnadian. We are shy and elusive (unless attracted by the scent of donuts (or doughnuts as some call them).

    I don't have cable due to our nation's Draconian system of making me pay for cable. Alas, I shan't be able to record, nor send you a copy of the show (which I've never hear of before anyway).

    Can you tell me what network it's on? I can at least tell my friends (both of them) to watch in support of our Americanian friends (you).

  2. It's on G4/Tech Tv. DIgital cable only, I believe. We've HIT THE BIG TIME!

  3. If I had a job, I'd probably be fired now.

  4. Holy crap that background music is part of a song from Chrono Trigger. You guys are too awesome.

  5. If I had a life, I'd probably be fired now.

  6. i couldn't watch the second video because a bear used a beaver and its tail to crush my internet router and i couldn't fix it because the snow storm going on broke through the door and filled every room but this one with snow. i will probably be dead soon unless i hibernate or eat the bottles of frozen syrup attached to my IV tubes.


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