February 28, 2008

More Fun With Search Terms!

Lately things have been pretty good around here. We've got some awesome sketches in production, some secret projects underway, and traffic has picked up nicely. And of course with increased traffic comes an even greater wealth of ridiculous search terms used to find the site!

A lot of them seemed to be the efforts of users with more important quarry in mind, some persistently searching for answers to deep, penetrating questions only to find our site time and again. But most, as is to be expected, were looking for pornography. Welcome to the second installment of what I'm sure will become a family favorite for years to come. Let the search terms begin!

  • William buchanan bathroom specialist
  • some matrix shit
  • are beanie babies coming back?
  • Adolecence pornographi
  • big titted chick in chuck and larry
  • bird flu enthusiast
  • cervix open os
  • child molestation pedophile confessions
  • cocaine and peter townshend
  • colorful country aphorisms
  • do t-rex fear death?
  • Employee giving a blowjob to a customer in the bathroom
  • erotic high school
  • family dinner fuck
  • french and their fucking crepes
  • french farm configurations, historic
  • furry pedophile
  • handless disabled children
  • you used to be a folk singer now you're just a joke singer
  • john basedow shirtless
  • leather allergies -derma
  • land of leather allergies
  • michael's crafts black leather straps
  • mighty max, official pictures
  • muskits vidos
  • napolean baguette legend
  • rusty trombone handjob movies
  • real live granny gams
  • splashed with whale urine
  • squid farts
  • swollen nipples co-worker shirt
  • louis xiv versaille filthy odor
  • where do you put the penis during sex

And for the finale, this sequence of search terms all entered on the same day, all leading the user fruitlessly to our page. Note the stunning logical progression:

  • my muskets aren't working
  • musket rentals
  • musket plans

Hey, when you want something to work, you've gotta build it yourself. Godspeed, Internet person.

1 comment:

  1. I think furry pedophile, handless disabled children was the most frightening progression.

    Seriously though, I want to know more about Historic French Farm Configurations and I haven't found them on the site yet. What gives?


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