May 31, 2007

Customink Refused to Print my T-Shirt Designs, proud makers of every one-of-a-kind vintage ironic body statement you puzzle over after some douchebag walks by, have gone too far this time! They refused to print every one of my designs, which I labored over night and day and would proudly wear around the house, or even to a sporting event or sister's wedding. I'm sure you'll agree that they are not only hilarious and artful, but eminently thought-provoking as well.

SPECIAL NOTE: I just noticed that fellow CRACKED blogger Matt Wilson has a T-shirt piece up today. Consider it bonus T-shirt Thursday! For the record, I was photoshopping these long before he posted his hilarious entry and, in defense of my shirts, they are easily more offensive, and to a broader number of social classes. Also, they are all soaked in lavender water, which I think is a lovely touch.

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