March 13, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been huddled in a bunker all weekend with my MQ crew, cooking up this year's special issue: an office newsletter for MacroQorp, Inq. ("We don't sell chemicals; we sell solutions"). As is rapidly becoming MQ tradition, we went ahead and uploaded the last issue (134) while producing this one (135). If you're a UCSD student, look for the new ish on Wednesday. If you're anyone else, chances are you haven't read 134, so enjoy!

Or, if you're stalking me and just want to read my articles, they are as follows:

Freshman’s Mustache Not Proceeding as Hoped

Area Man Names Genitalia After Golden Girls

National News Outlet Biased, Probably Jew-Run

Local Youth Maimed After Twenty-Hour Day Fighting for Child Labor Laws

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