September 11, 2008

Restuarants For People With No Appetite

My latest Cracked article has all the appeal of a twisted car wreck on the side of the freeway. Go! Gape at the horrors mankind has wrought! Honestly, none of them are really species-damning till the end, so make sure you settle in for a full read. And...Digg?


  1. It seems a large number of people actually expect 100% accurate reporting from It worries me that these people may work in positions where they are responsible for the health or welfare of others.

    Hey, put out a First Aid guide and see if the death toll in the States rises shortly afterwards!

  2. Well, they can expect all the integrity they want, they ain't gettin' it from me. And yet the Diggs pile on. It just goes to show...something. I guess.

  3. Great article, in form and prose. Informative? yes. Funny? hands down. Disgusting? more so than anybody should bare. I'm for mr. swaim. not as president, no sir. but as a social satirist, he has my nod. good on you sir. although the article on nelson mandela's birthday bash left me torn... as a citizen of south africa, i believe he has always been forefront in absolute integrity and national goodwill, and the fact that he had eminem....and.... um...well... those spice girls.... you know... cavort about.... on stage.... wellll...

    ok ok... christ on a bagel, you were spot on ... which is why, and i reiterate, i'm for mr. swaim.

    all hail the sweater-vest.

  4. Just wanted to add, fuck Oddee. They have stolen so many articles from Cracked it's not even funny, and they have the nerve to come back and bitch at you for doing it by accident, once?


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