September 14, 2008

Contests Won and Seconded

First, thanks to all who voted for Internet Party in the Filmclick Virtual Film Festival. Your filmclicking filmed us right into second place, a priceless honor the likes of which Michael Phelps would throw down in disgust. But we'll take it. Thanks!

As to contests newer and greater, we've whipped up a little something for the L'Oreal Paris ad competition, and we'd be oh so tickled if you'd vote it up in the rankings. There's a vaguely specified amount of money at stake (5k-60k, depending on many factors, most of which we hope lean towards the 60k end of the spectrum), and your vote can help put us in the running.

Embedded below, for you non-voting pantywaists.


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  2. (ignore that previous post hehe)

    I registered for that site just to vote for you guys :) I <3 Those Aren't Muskets! Good luck, guys!

  3. Thanks anastasia! You are balls! Which, I should explain, I'm making a concerted effort to turn into a positive term.


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