July 29, 2008

Vote For Internet Party in the Filmclick Film Festival!

So we entered "Internet Party" in an online film festival at Film Click about five moons ago, and lo and behold, that festival has just entered the final stage of its development: The Vote.

Vote for IP in the comedy category between now and August 12 and you could help us win a thousand bucks! Just go to this page and check the box by our vid.

The catch: you have to register an account to vote. The un-catch: you can vote once a day, without creating a new account each day!

Sounds like a winning deal to me.


  1. So what would you do with the thousand dollars? Something worthy, I'd hope. I mean, voting for your funny movie to win Oreo-related stuff is one thing, but a thousand dollars? That's life-changing. On the other hand, the most under-rated smurfs of all time make me laugh out loud every time I hear about them, and since I can only assume that none of the other entries include references to lists of Smurfs, you've got my vote. I hope you choose to use your winnings wisely.

  2. I'm using the money to buy diamond crested bathtubs, filling them with a precise 50/50 mix of Cristal and 26 bottles of Aquafina. I will then use the baths to wash my new dog's gold-stained coat. Her name is Money.

  3. I'm using my money to buy something to destroy Abe's bathtub.


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