July 8, 2008

Two Wall-E Dissidents

Want to be infuriated? Read this review of Wall-E. Now that you're thoroughly disgusted, may I offer you some soothing comedic balm? There there. Drown your sorrows in a Digg, my friend, and all will be right again.

And if you haven't seen Wall-E yet, you're dead to us.


  1. That review could've been summarized by "My whole family and I are dumb."

  2. I'm not convinced tha disliking Wall-E makes anyone stupid.

    QUite he opposite: I thought Wall-E was a huge letdown! What could have been a really profound technophobic sci-fi epic wrapped up into a cute, accessible love story for kids with enough visually stunning graphics to lull the Red States into a genuine look at life after the singularity and LONG past the tipping point became ... well ... sort of nothing.

    At the end, Pixar copped out, and Wall-E became a very dull and small-minded cautionary tale that can be summed up with "don't litter and try to get out more".

    In the end, you kind of have to dismiss a movie like Wall-E, whose entire premis is basically shattered by something as simple and mainstream as the Wii Fit.

    "Bah" to Wall-E.

  3. I also felt the ending was something Disney forced upon the story. Still, can't one appreciate the set-up that was clearly there? And as far as storytelling/film goes, it's still quite a feat. Ignoring philosophical cop-outs, it was an amazingly MADE film. And I don't mean graphics; I mean structure, scripting, cinematography.

    But yes, it should have ended with Wall-E as a lobotomized christ-figure and the humans erupting in bloody civil war over disagreement about whether to stay on earth or return to the ship.

  4. haha why is everyone acting like the latest CHILDRENS movie is supposed to win oscars, send a message to politicians, change the world and do everything short of actually saving lives? its just a movie meant to entertain children, yes the same kind of movie as the Little Mermaid and Cinderella.


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