March 31, 2008

We Trend Upwards in More Ways Than One

In case you were interested in the details of our personal lives, so as to vicariously feel like you've "hung out" with us and "shot the shit," I thought I'd link you to the photos Abe took of our recent four-day backpacking trip through Idyllwild.

The plan was to buy a lot of expensive equipment, drive to the remote wilderness and eschew civility for a full 96 hours. As the pictures of us eating fifty dollars worth of pizza prove, we failed at least in the last regard. Turns out the whole mountain was iced over and we needed crampons to even enter the park.

Thus, we wandered from day hike to day hike, drove around town, and generally had a totally normal camping trip (with the exception of our invention of Bigfoot Bowling, destined to become the ultimate camping pastime, and gloriously featured in said photoset). Other highlights include me looking like a drug dealer from the 80's and Abe and I fistfighting.

Also, turns out while we were gone our daily traffic quadrupled and we got three vids on I Am Bored and two on Gorilla Mask. Guess we should leave town and stop working more often.


  1. No, I think we should "hang out" more often

  2. i agree, we should all hang out. screw mountains.

  3. After viewing your Flickr account Abe I am flabbergasted to learn that you hang out with so many Asians and old people from the 1920's era.

    Very creepy

  4. Hey that's how I roll, okay?

    How do you roll?! Is your rolling better than mine?! Somehow, I distrust your so-called rollin' ethics.

    And for your information, Asians and flappers are VERY nice people, whose association should not be feared.

  5. My rolling is quite exceptional, thank you for ax'ing.

    I in fact roll with Filipinos and 19th century cattle barons. So I'm not playa hatin.


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