March 23, 2008

Cheer Up, Musket Kids!

It's really been a good week for our favorite musical artists here at TAM. First, epic glam rockers The Hot Farts reunited with a powerful re-release of their debut album. And now, a powerful straight-from-the-diary track comes from sensitive newcomers Death Car for Jimmy.

Truly, God's gift to musical history.

To personally relive these mind-blowingly unforgettable times, feel free to download the track and upload it to your iPod, iPhone, or other i-prefixed device.


  1. I'm definitely gonna upload this to my iBrain. It's like a regular brain, but with a touchscreen.

    The doctor told me that Steve Jobs is a genius.

  2. after putting this song to practice I have formed my own harem.

  3. Totally late but where did you guys shoot the stuff in the park with the green grass minimal trees? For the Emo song

  4. Going directly into my iPhone!:P

  5. Call me an idiot but I can't figure out how to download this.... Help?


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