March 13, 2008

The Hot Farts Reunion Tour!

You have no clue how excited I am. I just heard from my friend that The Hot Farts are rejoining. I know! So awesome! I've just been kicking wildly for a few hours in my room! Get this: they are not only doing a tour, but they are RE-RELEASING their debut album, "The Ogre King." You guys, this is seriously boss - you need to peep these sweet tunes. Uh oh, I feel some kicks coming!

For your listening pleasure, I have made available the LP's title track.


  1. Is it bad that I actually kind of like that song???

  2. I already have the original LP. The sound on vinyl is much more faithful to the studio recording. Plus, since I refuse to move into the 21st century, I'm hipper in my decision not to buy the re-release.

    Seriously, though? The Hot Farts were bad enough to make KISS wet their pants and go home!


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