September 12, 2007

Phone Etiquette, Volume 1

A conversation I had with an CalArts Film School Application counselor. To better represent the conversation and hide the identity of the counselor, I have replaced her name with "Shameless."

Me: Hi, I'm a prospective graduate applicant, I had a few questions about your letter of recommendation procedures?

Shameless: Yes. We're not taking them now, but we will soon.

Me: oh. (silence) I wanted to know more, really.

Shameless: Oh well, I have some information about that (sounds of looking through paper).

Me: Good, I was looking to get my hands on that.

Shameless (laughing): I'm sorry, what was that?

Me: Um, When it says the letters ought to be "sealed," how sealed are we talking here?

Shameless: Oh, like an envelope.

Me: Ah. Is that all?

Shameless: I don't know, you said you had a few questions?

Me: Oh no, I was talking about the envelopes.

Shameless: What?

Me: Nothing, nothing. We're all done here!

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