September 3, 2007

Leader of the Third Streich!

Hello fan base. Abe speaking. My only goal in blogging is to be declared worthy in your eyes. As you will see, I will attempt anything to accomplish this.

As per our arrangement, here is my first and only accomplishment thus far:

After an onslaught of failed Wii games, Nintendo has finally got it right with their new soccer conquest: Mario Strikers. A game in which Peach, Bowser, Luigi, and the whole gang battle royale to determine the victor of a pseudo-World Cup. As many of you are familiar, the Wii system allows you to play an online multiplayer bout with a custom built "Mii" who's name and appearance may be altered to your many disgusting specifications.

My friend Steve and I built Hitler, the Soccer Fuhrer. For the last three weeks, we've been attempting one thing and one thing only: to become if only for a brief moment, the World-wide "Striker of the Day." As you can see, attaining this highly prestigious honor bestows your likeness upon every Wii in the area. In our collective mind, to be displayed on all players Wiis is the ultimate in soccer accomplishment. Last Friday at 2:30 AM, Steve and I honed our skills so finely, we completed our task.

All bow down to the glory that is Hitler, Wii Soccer extraordinaire.

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