September 13, 2007

Infinite Recursion Blogging

This probably qualifies as an e/n post, but as a starstruck geek, I don't really care. However, I did embed a video both humorous and amorous (above), so as to give those with no personal interest in me something shiny to look at.

More to the I wrote that article about webcomics for CRACKED yeah? Well, as I secretly hoped, one of the artists profiled mentioned the article in his text today! If you don't see it, find Sept. 13th. Yes, folks, that's right: I had indirect, machine-based contact with an internet celebrity!

I actually enjoy Overcompensating very much (hence it making the list in the first place), so I thought that was fairly cool.

It just goes to show you: all that hard work will eventually pay off. Also, that internet "Best of" lists are inherently full of shit, since they are generally written by one individual, rearranged by another (the site's editor) and hastily published so as to meet internal deadlines.

But yes, Jeffrey Rowland blogged about my blog, and now I'm blogging about that. The circle is complete.

ADDENDUM: Ryan North over at Dinosaur Comics also mentioned my article. TWO FOR TWO BABY!

SECOND ADDENDUM: Also Achewood! And, even though this mention is the smallest and most indirect of all, it represents one of the highlights of my life thus far. How sad.

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