July 19, 2006

Hiatus Due to Comic-Con

In case you hadn't guessed, I'm an inveterate nerd. Case in point:

That's my brother on the right, trying to act like he doesn't know me. The fool. Clearly his yellow gloves and shirt mark him as a mere pawn of...THE MONARCH! I'm not sure who that other guy is supposed to be, probably an ironic statement on youth culture.

Anyway, nerd that I am, I will be attending the San Diego Comic Convention all week. It's an orgy of Magic: The Gathering cards, overpriced pizza by the slice, and guys who look like Jack Black from across a crowd of people so you go and ask for their autograph and then they act like dicks about it so later when you actually do see Jack Black you're too timid to ask him and have to sneak a peek at his presenter's badge in the men's restroom.

Bottom line: Mom, Dan, and the one or two people who stumble here by accident while looking for midget porn, you will have to do without updates for about a week (maybe longer, as my much-anticipated New York trip immediately follows the Con). If all goes as planned, I should have one or two posts during that time, and maybe even another movie fer y'all.

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