May 18, 2010

Did I Mention The Site Was Down?

Computers. Right?

As you may have noticed, emailed us about, asked about us on the street, or carved into your pets, the Those Aren't Muskets! site has been "down" for some time now. I'd say exactly how much time, but the hackers got into my watch too and now it just screeches continuously.

But like the mythical phoenix, we have risen from the ashes of defeat in a blaze of pure, golden glory and several reposted videos. Those are below, and they represent some stuff you may have missed if you were just sitting on our warning page waiting for the site to get fixed.

A big thank you to all of the fans who let us know the site was down. It's nice to know so many, many people observed our technical incompetence unfold in real time. And a HUGE thank you to Kevin Clark, the man whose technical competence got this old boat back on the water. He is a true friend to us, the site, comedy, and some of the kinder animals. He's also awesome at programs.

So we'll skip the awkward hug and just say it's nice to be back. Stay tuned here and over at Cracked for the freshest Muskets!, and keep reading this very blog for some major announcements.



  1. I'm so glad your site is back up!!


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. YAYYYY!!!! :D

    I was getting really tired of having to click past the warning signs every time I came to the site. I also have no virus protectors on my computer so... I just kinda trusted you guys to not kill my new computer. Does that show dedication, or just stupidity? I think stupidity as I have spent far to much time reading the entire blog and watching every video. I should acquire a life.

  4. I just wanted to be one of the four people who commented on this. I don't even know how old it is...i just checked out this site for the first time today (I was reading one of Michael Swaim's articles on cfaxked and saw the link) and I got so exited, BC I love cracked, & Swaim ur my favorite! So..hi. U guys r awesome.

  5. phone apparently didn't autocorrect my first attempt at writing "cracked."


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