May 18, 2010

Cracked TV 2.0: Does Not Compute!

If you're following the narrative of our careers solely through this blog, you may not know that Mike's long-running talk show Cracked TV recently got a reboot as Does Not Compute, a biweekly video column about whatever's currently causing him the most computational consternation. Hint: it's usually a Youtube clip.

In case you missed it, here are the final two episodes of Cracked TV, as well as the first three of Does Not Compute, to get you through the transition. Consider yourself officially caught up, and feel free to check out new episodes of DNC right here or at Cracked every other week.


  1. I liked the countdown better.

  2. the tv2.0 is a little confusing when they're changing topics...

  3. That was funny. Yes, everyone loved the countdown. But, it was entertaining in the new form. However, I miss clippy. Also, I am worried about monkey-humans riding bikes. Real human bike riders have enough problems following the rules.

  4. michael swaim is the reason I want to be a human.


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