November 20, 2008

G4 Features Muskets!

G4 gave us a whole segment on Attack of the Show tonight! In case you didn't happen to watch that particular program (inexcusable), here it is right now. Also, there's a delicious chocolate cake waiting for you in the oven. How's THAT for instant gratification?!

And, here's the longer, but lower quality version of that same segment, to be used in case the G4 site ever takes down the above video. That's right: we care so much about this minor achievement we've installed redundancy systems to make sure it will never be forgotten.


  1. Full length screenplay?

  2. AAahhh When is this full length screenplay gift from God coming??

  3. Screenplay?! Awesome.

    CHOPS: The Musical

  4. Fuckin G4 isn't even about games anymore, just pseudo internet pop culture and COPS...


2009 Those Aren't Muskets!