January 9, 2008

Michael Keeps His Promise

We don't know about some of you, but here at TAM, we take promises seriously. If you say you are going do something, no matter how drunk you are, you should feel guilty and terrible and wrong if you don't do it. This is proof that our very own Michael Swaim keeps his promises. And no man, woman, or robot has the right to claim otherwise.


  1. Good god Swaimers. Can I call you Swaimers?

  2. While I do not condone the consumption of animal droppings in any way, I admire your intestinal fortitude for abiding by the agreement of your boastful wager in an honorable manner. Your contestant in this wager should have his own scurvy dog defecate into his mouth for the deception he has wrought upon you! For shame! I would advise that you should challenge him to a duel, by sword or pistol, to reclaim your honor, sir. Harrumph!

    Yours Truly,
    A Late 19th Century Gentleman of High Standing Within His Community
    PS: Balderdash!

  3. The exchange between you two is so natural and real, it makes even poo-sketches funny.


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