April 10, 2007

Die in Style: Kickin' Obits

When you finally shuffle off the mortal coil, only one thing will remain for the world to remember you by; only one artifact will transcend all time and stand as the marker of your existence for future generations to ponder and puzzle over. No, not your children. They all die in a boating accident. I'm talking about your obituary, the two column encapsulation of your life that extended family members will use to lend a banal, neutral voice to their grief. And if you're like most people, your obituary is going to read something like this:

Don't let your legacy die! With one of the Kickin' Obits, available for a modest surcharge, you can be remembered however you want to be! Who says what's "true" or not? Who says who you did or didn't best in a duel? No one, that's who!

Browse through the following samples, and discover a death more glamorous than your life ever was!

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