October 12, 2009

Do What I Tell You To Do And Be Loved!

If you've been missing my dulcit verbosity over at Cracked.com, not to fear. I've got a new blogging gig, answering YOUR relationship questions over at brand new blogsite guyspeak.com! It's basically a site where anyone can write in questions about pretty much anything and aim them at one of a number of various guy "types." I'm "The Funny Guy" for reasons that escape me.

So if you've ever been watching Internet Party and wondered what Ebay would think about your boyfriend's lack of communication and how it may stem from his distant relationship to his father, then YOU'RE IN LUCK!

Come, Muskets friends, and ask me questions that I may answer them in humorous and enlightening fashion. I'm also going to be straight-up blogging on there once a week, and they've even got a nifty dictionary of guy-related terms. Come hang with us.

1 comment:

  1. So you're out of the Cracked blogging team!? You was my favourite one on there!

    Also, why aren't you returning my phone calls?


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