August 23, 2009

Check it! New Threads!

Hey Dr. Nick! You're probably noticing I suddenly look different. This is because we have been hacked. A hefty hacker hacked us haphazardly and now the site looks like this! Thanks mystery hacker!

If you have any notes and want to vent about how much you hate the redesign, post it in the comments, I will gladly ignore your scowls in protest of my beautiful, beautiful work. I HTML on napkins, bitch. So deal. Jeez.


  1. My only complaint is that the new site breaks old links to stuff. For instance, no longer exists, so existing links to your material end up as 404 errors.

  2. Yes its unfortunate as we moved to a php based site. No names have changed other than that, so if you need to find it quick, just take away the html and add the php. Sucks, but we think its worth it.

  3. I don't know how much control or access you have to your server, but it looks like it's running Apache, so a simple mod_rewrite rule would allow for the old links to redirect to the new ones.

    I'd be happy to provide some technical help, if needed.


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