June 7, 2009


Quit your jobs, throw out your phones, and bust out your honorary doctorates, because Genius Camp (Working Title) officially kicks off on Monday.

What is this wonderful new way to wile away my life, you ask? It's a bunch of your favorite sketch troupes (Muskets included), meeting in New York City for two weeks to form a wild crazy super-troupe and produce as many sketches as possible.

And though we voted for the name "A Fortnight of Farts," we're still incredibly excited about GC, and you should be too. Are you? No? Man, tough imaginary crowd. Okay, watch this introductory video and see if that does anything for you.

Now that you've got all that enthusiasm welling up, don't just let it simmer, use it to get started on the Muskets! Genius Camp Checklist (tm):

1. If you have a Youtube account, subscribe to the Genius Camp youtube channel to make sure you see all GC-related videos as soon as they come out.

2. Get to know some of the other troupes: Good Neighbor, POYKPAC, Scott Gairdner, Loo in London, the Fine Brothers, and Horsehead Businessman.

3. Check the Cracked front page starting June 8 to see our official mini-site, which will include a group-updated photo and video blog, community talkbacks, and the sketches themselves.

4. If you live in New York or are a wealthy person, come out to the official Genius Camp screening on the 22nd. I don't know where exactly it is. Go to New York and ask someone; I'm sure they'll be able to help you out.

Lots more info to come, so make sure to check the Cracked mini-site or risk falling woefully behind!

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  1. [looks around at rest of imaginary crowd meekly]... Well, I was saying Boo-urns.

    Wish I could make it out to meet you all. As fate would have it, was just in New York for a couple weeks, so looks like I just missed you. Sounds like it'll be a blast though. All the best.


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