March 6, 2009

Black Max

Have you heard of this band Black Max? One of their guys contacted us with a question about video equipment, and I perused their website only to find that their music is genuinely awesome, so I thought I'd share. They're kind of like if the fancy sensibilities of the Decemberists met the dark carny vibe of the Tiger Lillies. They list some influences as Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Stephin Merritt.

Dark, fancy, organ-y, pretty cool. Check 'em out, especially the in-site radio on this page (just click the flashing "on air" button).

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  1. No.
    Nono, no! No, no!
    NopeyWopie no NO No no. Nup.
    uuh aunt. Uuuint-nor-whey!
    Sorry, What was the question?


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