February 5, 2009

Swim, Swaim

Of all of the requests we get from fans, the most common by far is to never allow a shirtless picture of Michael Swaim to appear anywhere on the web. Well, guess what fuckers? You lose.

You're only a click away from my (hey, it's Michael by the way) much-anticipated appearance in FunnynotSlutty.com's first ever swimsuit edition! I'm near the bottom, right above the picture of Gladstone with a cross woven into his chest hair. Good luck purging THAT image from the old memory banks.

And yes, you may use my image as your desktop background. Thanks for asking.


  1. I just spent some time (3 hours)watching your videos..Can't say I didn't laugh my @$$ off.

    -ur new #1 fan (I'm way better than those Jonas' Bro fans, less retarded) <-- scratch that.

  2. swaim, you have a girlfriend?? :'[

    my dreams are hopelessly crushed.

  3. swaim, you have a girlfriend? :'(

    my dreams are hopelessly crushed.

  4. For some reason this link isn't working for me, and I can't find the article on the site itself.
    Has it been removed or is there some other way to see it?

    Thank you


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