January 8, 2009

Superjail! Is Badass

I try to rarely express my own opinions on the site. Frankly, it's considered bad form, which is why comedians are so notoriously soft-spoken and affable. But I just became aware of the new [adult swim] show Superjail!, and I think you should all be aware of it too, for the following reasons:

1. It's the cartoon Tex Avery would be making if he were still making cartoons.

2. It's got some of the most lovingly-done animation in recent memory. The whole thing feels like an incredibly elaborate notebook doodle given glorious life.

3. The episodes are only like ten minutes long, so you can watch the whole first season (here) on your lunch break.

4. David Wain is the voice of The Warden. If you don't know who that is, get the fuck off of my website, then google him, then come back.

5. There are moments where it feels like a comic strip (complete with three-panel sight gags), moments where it feels like Loony Toons (complete with eyes bugging out and tounges wagging down to the floor) and moments where it feels like a bad acid trip (complete with laser time monsters, intestine-drenched combat robots, and a man and his pet bird eating a severed penis).

6. You need something to restore your faith in [adult swim] after the announcement that they're picking up King of the Hill for syndication.

7. I'm making it my official Recommendation Of The Day ®.

Watch it. Lemme know what you think. Or tell me I was an idiot for not seeing this earlier.


  1. love me some superjail, the animation is like someone is hiting my brain in the groin with a club made of originality.
    but dude, why knock king of the hill? It deserves little to no knocking.
    If anything should be knocked it's the 3 hours of robot chicken they show on adult swim.
    that's like a fine, solid oak door. It demands to be knocked.

  2. Since when did the Internet have borders? Adultswim says I am unable to watch the clips because I am not in the US of A. As a Canadian, when I try to go to comedycentral.com I get automatically redirected to thecomedynetwork.ca. This is starting to sound a lot like China (No offense Yao Ming) . Swaimy, do me a favour, can you talk to Obama and see if you can get your cold, friendly neighbors to the north some Superjail.


  3. I'll get in touch with my people in Canada right away. Or...wait, did John Candy die?

  4. I love Superjail. Other than Venture Bros., it's my favourite show on adult swim. I like the way it's animated. I think you probably described it best. It looks like a doodle come to life.

  5. Superjail is okay, but Assy Mcgee was way better!

  6. oh my god yes. v bros is good too but man. i love part one of time police with the warden theamed solders. you have very good taste.

  7. I had no idea what superjail was and when it came on the tv while i was sifting through various chimp on dog porn i completely froze and gawked at the television for the entire episode. I could not tear my eyes away from the insane, unique, colorful, disturbing, and god awfully funny show. This happens every single time I come across it on the tube. Then again, it sounds an awful lot like its brainwashing me...


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