December 4, 2008

Mission: Wikipedia

There's a certain point in a sketch troupe's life when things start to change. No longer is it stumbling through its awkward adolescence, making forced fart jokes and haltingly inviting the other troupes to the Sadie Hawkins dance. It has matured, and now makes classy, artful fart jokes for all of its high society pals.

My friends, we approach such a milestone. In fact, according to 2007 Michael and Abe, the reaching of 3,000 subscribers to our Youtube channel officially makes us "big beans." But still, something is missing. For there are certain important steps that must take place before our comedic testes can truly be considered to have descended.

And the step before us today is this:

We need a Wikipedia entry.

We had one in the past. Oh, it was glorious, filled with unreliable citations and glittering typos as far as the mouse could scroll (which was about a page and a half, mostly white space). But we were young and foolish; our star rose too quickly, and was burned by the sun, creating some kind of double star that then got taken off of Wikipedia.

The reason for our downfall? Not enough citations. Apparently, if no one mentions you, you don't exist.

Well, we've been kicking out the jams for over a year now, and people are talking:

We've been written up at Tilzy TV, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and the Cal Poly Mustang.

We've been interviewed on Veoh and featured on G4.

We placed in the Youtube Sketchies 2 Competition, in the Filmclick Online Film Festival, and are recognized as an official sketch troupe by College Humor and Youtube.

We've been Dugg, blogged, McSweeny'd and Yankee Pot Roasted.

The point is, if awesome troupes like Tremendosaur and Barats and Bereta (both of whom we love oodles) warrant not only a Wikipedia entry, but official inclusion on Wikipedia's list of sketch comedy troops, do not we merit the same deference?

As writing a Wikipedia article about myself is JUST out of my vanity range, I've decided to turn to our beloved fans for help (apparently begging for others to write a Wikipedia article about me is well within said vanity range).

So who will step up to the challenge? What individual (or group of collaborative individuals, as per Wikipedia's basic function) will pluck our comedic flower and usher us into adulthood?

I've provided all the citation information you need to make it stick, and I'm available to answer any questions you might have about the troupe or Abe's penis size (I'll just save us both some time right now and say "nub.") Who's got the gumption? Who's got the chutzpah? Who's got a few hours to kill?

We await the lusty touch of your typing hands.


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  2. I am in full support of turning this Mission: Wikipedia into Mission: Accomplished.

    What can I do to help, with what little wikipedia sway that I have?


  3. Justin, you can USE that sway. And sway it up. And down. Sway it all the way downtown.

    See you this summer!



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