December 9, 2007

How Do You People Find Us?

As users of dazzling technology, we here at TAM! are able to track every minute movement that occurs within the confines of our web-space. And something that occurs more often than you'd think is that people find our site by plugging ridiculous/disgusting/highly offensive search terms into Google.

I thought it would be fun to share some of these with you, so that you too can puzzle over how the hell some of these got users to our site, and imagine how disappointed they must have been to find only sketch comedy videos.

  • Radiohead do you want another beer I want another beer
  • "114 point inspection"
  • "guy tied" blog clip
  • "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" 2 minute monologues
  • "t rex" "to bursting"
  • "the mq" ucsd totally wants my nuts
  • bear attack homosexual
  • big titted friends
  • bird trapped in walls
  • bearl ives pediphile
  • guys with swollen nipple on youtube
  • rusty trombone video preview
  • samus aran vomit
  • what are 10 reasons for hikers to avoid bears?
Do you really need more than one? And of course, last but not least:
  • unidentifiable lumps on vagina
Mmmm. Until next time TAM!sketeers!

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