February 2, 2007

Prepare To Be Dazzled

In honor of my officially latching onto the rocket train of assured financial success that is the CRACKED internet comedy web-pire, I’ve decided to eschew all initial effort and dig through my archives instead, hoping to uncover any untapped entertainment.

Chances are, unless you're a member of my family or one of my many girlfriends, you are new to the site. Consider this a free sample of what The Specious has to offer. The analogy breaks down somewhat considering that all my content is free, but I never miss a chance to compare my work to little cups of glazed chicken that a Panda Express employee stuffs into your hand while shouting “Tastes good! You buy!” That’s basically what we do here.

At the risk of over-extending the metaphor, enjoy the following little paper cups of glazed chicken.

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